About Me

Welcome to My Tasteful Space!

My name is Cecilia, I am an Interior Designer, registered in the Professional Association in Manitoba, Canada.  I practiced in the Interior Design industry for 13 years before taking a break from consulting in August of 2017 to focus on my family.  My husband and I have two children, Nicholas and Gaia and a puppy, Rufus.

I love running, hiking, skiing and fishing! I am always training for the next half marathon!

I am originally from Milan, Italy where I was born and raised and I moved to Canada soon after I graduated from Design School in 2003.  Ever since I was very young I had a passion for art, colors, textures and compositions. This passion led me to design school and a career in Interior Design.

Being away from the creative world of Interior Design made me realize how much décor complements, furnishings details, art and taking pictures are still a great part of who I am; these are all things I have been nurturing and working with since I was young.  I thought I should use my professional background and my passion for colour and composition to create an online community that provides values to its followers by inspiring creative ideas for their own spaces. That's how My Tasteful Space was born.

Like most of you, I am a busy mom and I want to keep it real! I don't want to overly ornate my home and obsessively stage my objects. I find beauty in accents and corners of our home, garden, and many other places that I visit that are not necessarily “mine”and this is why this community is called “tasteful space” without a designation of space. Wherever and whenever I find objects, compositions or spaces that I consider tasteful I share them with you hoping that it can provide some value to you by giving you new inspirations and ideas.

I hope you enjoy My Tasteful Space and what I have to show you and go ahead, ask me questions...where do I find something, what colors have I used and so on! I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with you!

I`d love to share with others, please use the share icons below to post to others that may like my ideas.  I would love to hear your feedback, please post comments below!