Welcome to My Tasteful Space!

Welcome to My Tasteful Space!  I am using this blog to introduce myself and tell you what My Tasteful Space is all about.

My name is Cecilia, I am a Professional Interior Designer, registered in the Professional Association in Manitoba, Canada.  I practiced in the Interior Design industry for 13 years before taking a break from consulting in August of 2017 to focus on my family.  My husband and I have two children, Nicholas and Gaia and a puppy, Rufus.

I am originally from Milan, Italy where I was born and raised and I moved to Canada soon after I graduated from Design School in 2003.  Ever since I was very young I had a passion for art, colors, textures and compositions. This passion led me to design school and a career in Interior Design.

I have spent my last year away from the office primarily focusing on our young kids and decompressing from years of high intensity commercial construction work.  Eventually, day after day, I realized once again how much I loved décor complements, furnishings details, art and taking pictures; all things I have been nurturing and working with since I was young.  Then, one day I thought I should use my professional background and my passion for color and composition to create an online community that provides values to its followers by inspiring creative ideas for their own spaces.

The things I love and you`ll find in My Tasteful Space:



I have studied Art History for 12 years and I learned to appreciate art in all of its shapes but my favorite form of art is figurative. I particularly love watercolors. Through the study of art I learned the foundations of good compositions, whether a painting or a flower vase or an interior space.


Cacti and Succulents

During our fist trip to Arizona in 2015, I discovered an appreciation for cacti and succulents.  I had never been exposed to the majesty of a Saguaro Cactus and the unbelievable variety and beauty of cacti and succulents, which to me are a form of art on its own!


Interior Design

Interior Design has always been to me the right path to follow as it is a discipline that comprises all the things I loved ever since I was able to color and draw. Interior Design is the balanced and harmonic composition of, form, scale, color, texture, pattern and light. It`s the balance of these elements combined that create My Tasteful Space.

My Tasteful Space encompasses all the things I love, and explores the right choice of frames and location for your art pieces, the right pots for your succulents and cacti, the right composition of objects within a space.

I want to keep My Tasteful Space real though...I don't want to portray an unauthentic image of myself and I don't want my followers to think they can't do or have what I show in my pictures!!! I am a busy mom, like most of you, trying to keep the house and family together in between meals prepping and after school activities!! There are plenty of “out of this world luxury interiors”, “super crafty ideas” websites, Insta-pages and Facebook groups out there. When I look at those images, the first things that comes to mind are: “How am I going to afford this?”, “How am I going to keep this clean??”, “When will I ever have enough time to build this? I find it hard enough to move Elf on the Shelf every day already!!”

I find beauty in accents and corners of our house, garden, and many other places that I visit that are not necessarily “mine”and this is why this community is called “tasteful space” without a designation of space. Wherever and whenever I find objects, compositions or spaces that I consider tasteful I share them with you hoping that it can provide some value to you by giving you new ideas for an object you don't know what do with, or by re-purposing something old into something new without spending much money...A different frame or a different pot can make a whole world of a difference in a space, as much as a different perspective on things in life can help you improve your mood!!

I hope you enjoy My Tasteful Space and what I have to show you and go ahead, ask me questions...where do I find something, what colors have I used and so on! I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with you!

I`d love to share with others, please use the share icons below to post to others that may like my ideas.  I would love to hear your feedback, please post comments below!




  • This is wonderful Cecilia..you have such great ideas for decorating.

  • You have amazing talent Cecilia – thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  • Love the idea! Looking forward to this! My creative side could use some inspiration.

  • What a wonderful idea Cecilia. Glad to be part of it!

  • I’m very excited to follow along, learn a lot, and appreciate your talents!


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